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Date:2018-05-18 Num:811

1. the directivity is very good. A sound box usually made of a traditional horn is very poor. You have to stand in front of the sound box to hear a perfect sound, especially the part of a high pitch; and if you stand on the side of the sound box, you may not hear some background or accompaniment sound; if you stand on the back of the sound box, you may have the sweet song, already It turned into a voice that would not be appreciated. Flat panel speakers do not have such problems. No matter where you stand, you can enjoy the complete and real voice.

2. the sound attenuation is small. The traditional speakers, when you get too close, will find that the sound is very loud, and when you are far away, you feel a lot smaller. Flat panel speakers do not have the above problems. No matter whether you are close or far away, the size of the sound you hear is not very different.

The 3. sound has a high fidelity. The conventional trumpet, whose shape is a conical sound, often concentrates the sound in the throat when it vibrates. It is compressed and propagated, and the sound that people hear is compressed and deformed. Flat trumpet will not have the above problems, only because people used to hear too much distortion, so when they come to a flat sound, they will feel very ordinary when they start listening, and then they are often deeply attracted by its natural performance.

4. the shape is super thin, no space. Because of the special structure of flat trumpet, the sound box can be placed in any position, unlike the traditional sound box, and the effect is different because of the different placement.

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