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The main features of digital audio
Date:2018-05-18 Num:779

The form of digital audio recording is binary code. When replaying, it only needs to judge "0" or "1". Therefore, the noise of the recording medium has little effect on the SNR of the playback signal. And the analog sound record is a continuous sound signal, in the recording process will be influenced by such as tape noise, to superposition on the sound signal and make the sound quality worse, although the noise reduction measures are taken in the analog sound, but can not be fundamentally eliminated.

2. Low distortion

In the process of analog audio recording and recording, the distortion of magnetic head will lead to distortion, so we must adopt alternating magnetic bias recording and other measures, but the distortion still exists. In digital audio, the magnetic head only operates in two states: magnetic saturation or non magnetic state, representing 1 or 0, and there is no linear requirement for the magnetic head.

3. Good repeatability

The sound quality of digital audio equipment will not deteriorate after duplication and replay. In the traditional analog cassette tape recording, each recordings once, the noise recorded by the tape must be increased, which reduces the signal to noise ratio about 3 dB each time, the subband is not as good as the parent band, the sun belt is inferior to the subband, and the sound quality is worse and worse.

4. Low shake rate

Because of the function of time base correction circuit, the instability of the rotating system and the instability of the drive system will not cause shaking and shake, so it is not necessary to require such a precise mechanical system as in the analog recording.

5. Strong adaptability

The digital audio recording is binary code, all kinds of processing can be used as numerical operation, and can not change the hardware. It is easy to use software and is easy to control by computer, so it has strong adaptability.

6. Easy to integrate

Because of the digitalization, it is easy to adopt the ultra large scale integrated circuit, and make the whole machine debug convenient, the performance is stable, the reliability is high, the mass production is easy to be produced, and the cost can be reduced.

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