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Why doesn't the stereo sound, how does the computer sound do?
Date:2018-05-18 Num:798

First understand the principle of sound sound
To understand why the sound is not audible, we must first understand the principle of the sound produced by the sound. The main principle of sound is vibrator plus paper tympanic horn. The combination of ordinary sound and vibration sound has both the vibratory sound of vibrating sound and the loudspeaker of traditional loudspeaker. But the general principle is through the vibration of the media, and now the sound on the market is a variety of, but to understand the principle, it will be easier to know the crux of the problem.

Make a comprehensive physical examination for the sound
1, check the sound card, connection line, and speakers and other devices are connected properly; run anti-virus software for anti-virus;
2, right click "my computer" - "property" - "hardware" - "device manager", open the "sound, video, and game controller" is a problem, that is to see there is no yellow in front of "?" If necessary, re install the driver of the device to solve.

3. When you have a voice but do not see a small horn, turn on the control panel -- sound and video equipment -- volume and dial the number before putting the volume icon into the taskbar.
4, no sound and no small horn, open control panel - add and delete programs - add delete Windows components, "accessories and tools" before the number, click the "next step", and then restart, the system will be prompted to install new hardware, according to the prompt installation can;
5, uninstall the sound card driver, re install or upgrade the audio driver.

6, when installing a sound card driver, there is a "no AC chip" prompt. It may be a computer poisoning, or a sound card driver or internal software conflict. The solution is to reinstall the system and the driver.
7, simply ignore, shut down after waiting for a period of time after the re boot, sometimes the voice problem will be resolved by itself.
Warm reminder: there are many small household knowledge worth learning in our life, and we are not afraid to encounter problems with our own hands. If it is difficult to repair, find a technical residence to help you to tinker with it is a good idea.

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