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Prolonging the life of the use of an electronic tube amplifier
Date:2018-05-18 Num:1539

In use, the electronic tube should have good ventilation and heat dissipation, the overheating of the temperature will inevitably shorten the life of the tube, so it is necessary to keep the electron tube at a lower temperature as much as possible. The electron tube is afraid of vibration, so it is also important to take precautions against vibration and avoid vibration as far as possible. If these two points are achieved, the service life of the electron tube can be doubled at least. For this purpose, there is a proper space around the electronic tube equipment, especially above it, so as to have good convection ventilation, and if possible, a fan can be used to help heat the heat.

The cathode of the electron tube cathode will be damaged when it has not yet reached the required temperature plus high voltage power supply, and it will also shorten the life of the electron tube. Therefore, if there is a preheating device for the electronic tube equipment, it must be used, such as opening the filament and low-voltage power supply before heating, and then opening the high-voltage power supply. If there is no preheating device, then do not rush to access the input signal, you can turn the volume to the minimum, before you start the machine for 20~30 minutes to use the warm machine again. If the side heat rectifier is used to supply the whole machine high voltage, it provides a simple and effective high voltage delay. In addition, do not switch power frequently during normal use.

Of course, if the electronic tube circuit is properly designed to avoid misuse, the electronic tube will not be "premature", and the number of thousands of hours of listening to the electronic tube should be normal. The most common errors in the circuit design include the high potential difference between the electronic tube filament and the cathode, the use of the electronic tube screen or the curtain grid voltage to the maximum value, the low or high voltage of the electronic tube filament, the improper electrode installation and the no delay device for the high voltage power supply.

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